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        Product Features:



        As the trend of the "rammed earth" style once again return to people'svision, the rough freelings take us back to the nature,back to the earth;but the original ramming technology based on the low intensity of poor durability , it is ifficult to be widely used in nowadays.

        Our rammed earth style board as an innovative ramming effect concrete product. It is a bold attempt in the use of excellent performance under the premise of completely maintaining the original texture, durable weather resistance is the main feature,it totally meet the modern architecture needs as an innovative products advancing



        室外: 建筑外墻,辦公樓,酒店,會所,院校,各類展館等。

        室內: 裝飾用內墻,地面,吊頂,家居道具等。

        Outdoor: Exterior walls, office buildings, club, academy, pavillion, etc.

        Indoor: Interior decoration, floor, furniture and props, ceiling, etc.


        長*寬 Length*Width:1200*2000mm

        厚度 Thickness:8,11,16,20mm